Maggie Landis

Trainer, Health Life Planner through Integrative Wellness

I have been involved in the world of health & fitness for the last 25 years. I run my own business here in New York City.  During the shutdown of everything last year I went virtual like many.  It worked amazingly well.
I have decided to build on that experience and create a platform to offer multilayered training. 
It will include but not limited to:
– Creating Workout Plans
– Consulting on exercise equipment, room/gym setups
– Periodic checkins to add to plans, check ins, answering any and all questions

Certifications, Licenses & Training


American Council on Exercise ( A.C.E.)





Finding the right exercises,
establishing routine with your
lifestyle, having fun

1. Discovering the right exercises for you

2. Establishing a routine

3. Making it fun

My story

I have been in love with movement, health, play and the outdoors my whole life. Through my own adventures and exploration I have been truly blessed to be guided, coached and mentored by people I consider to be the best in their fields. I have developed my own style with over 25 years of experience from working with people. Using my knowledge, listening and trusting my intuition I develop exercise plans that work.
Building a foundation, keeping it simple and balancing it into everyday life are my principles. My desire is to find the right exercise style for you and making it fun.